Einsteins gravitational waves observed for the first time

Scientists have for the first time observed gravitational waves, ripples in space time. The gravitational waves reached earth due to a extremely violent event in the universe. This confirms a major prediction of Einstein Theory of General Relativity (1915) and opens a new window on the universe.        Read more (in dutch)

Launch ASTRO-H postponed

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) have decided to postpone the of ASTRO-H from the Tanegashima Space Center, which was originally scheduled for today. Clouds including a freezing layer that exceed the restrictions for suitable weather are forecast to be generated at around the scheduled launch time. In addition, strong winds are also forecast alaunch nd they are expected to hinder launch preparations.         More

Dutch instrument measures aerosols from NASA spy plane

At the start of February the Dutch instrument SPEX-airborne made two test runs with a former NASA spy plane. Soon after that, on 5 February, the first real scientific flight took place, charting small particles in the Earth's atmosphere. By now SPEX-airborne has been in the air for more than five hours.        Read more (in dutch)

"A Second Earth" revealed in NEMO

Wednesday 27 January 2016 the exhibit "A Second Earth" was officially presented in Science Center NEMO. SRON sponsors this exhibit, which is part of the exhibition 'The Search for Life'.        Read more (in dutch)

STO-2 loses race against time at Antarctica

The balloon mission STO-2 has not been launched from the South Pole. The balloon, which is equiped with Dutch detectors, was scheduled this January to make a circular flight over Antarctica and to observe the universe at an altitude of 40 km. But due to bad weather the balloon could not be launched in time to take advantage of the polar anticyclone, which causes air to slowly circulate in a counterclockwise pattern. NASA has now postponed the mission to the next Antarctic summer at the end of 2016/beginning of 2017.         More