Publication list SRON

Most (95%) of SRON’s scientific publications can be found in ADS, the “The SAO/NASA Astrophysics Data System”. ADS includes SRON’s publications in Earth sciences and physics as well.


Publications listed in ADS (95%)

The list is generated on the fly. Ordered by date, most recent first. Excluded in this ADS listing: PUBLICATIONS > .conf and PUBLICATION TYPE > Non-Article. When changing the year of the search, please be sure that the filter remains unchanged as shown at the right.

If you want to create an ADS export file, on the ADS page click “Export”at the top right and select “Other Formats”. On the next page click “Select Export Format” and select “Custom Format”. Provide this format: %T\n%25.25l (%Y), %Q, DOI:%d\n.

Publications not listed in ADS

This list is maintained manually.